Friday, September 29, 2006


Life in Depth

Hello everybody,

Well, I decided to begin my weblog tonight, because i am to share my thoughts and ideas with everyone who is interested in what I write.

People's cultures in the world are so different and varied. So i want to express and explain my own culture and give important differences between them.

Any person is unique in this world either by his or her body or character. We are influenced by our parents education and the school system. Our culture influences us and givesus directions on how to behave and how to react.

Now in the west, more and more people behave the same. Here I ean clothing and life styles. Even a language begins to be as important as fashion which is English language.

Many other third world countries follow the trend and began to introduce English as a second language. So in terms of cultures and traditions, many people lost their identity and traditions.Their languages become more or less unimportant.

Now if someone visits third world countries, he or she can find a variety of cultures and languages. As opposite most of the west countries try to unify their life style especially the way of life and fashion. In third world countries one could find in each town or city a different culture and may be another language. This heritage is so important to save, because it is a wealth of humanity.

Well this is a brief thought, Iwill try to explain more and more to make it clear and to show more of these differences that exist between them.

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